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Soki is my name. I like to think i draw dudes better than girls.
On my free time, other than drawing, I enjoy watching Anime/drama, reading manga,
and play mmorpg games in the company of friends.

Feel free to talk to me or ask any questions
Watches and favorites are truely appreciated <3 ;v;

:iconnaraeeee: :iconsohungryman: :iconkiiseki: :iconh-yde:

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Project VII: Hal


Name: Hal Churvun
Age: 241 Years old/ 18 yr
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11" | 180 cm
Species: Dragon
House: Vega

Major Arcana - Ferrum | Minor - Lapideus

His orbs are made from excess mineral deposit located on the side of his neck pores via dragon form. You can say they are like pearls.


[Pound I]

A physical skill that uses his tail or orbs to land a good smacking.
His mini wings help him rotate his body for tail whip
Limitations: Hal can not fly above 3 inches from the ground even in dragon form. / TT lul
The Orbs stick approximately around 2 inches from his hand palms (like a magnets) and can not go beyond that length. 
-will run out of stamina after 10 minutes of constant use

side note: The Orbs help to protect his nails when he "punches"

[Calleo I]

Ability to harden plant matter.
Limitations: Hal can only harden plant matter that had fallen off a living plant
E.g. like leaves, petals or anything of small size (like Sweet Gum pods).

Hal can only convert two leaves at a time using his palms.

Storing "stones" may vary:
Quick casting = low durability = 7 stones max
Longer cast = Strong durability = 1 stone

The max duration is determine how much mental stamina he has.

side note: When the matter is thrown and hits anything it will turn into compost bits.  (cuz he's eco-friendly/wink)


Ambivert | Smart | Impatient | Reliable | Permissive

Hal is an ambivert dragon that enjoys the wonders of nature and his quiet time of napping under the sun. He is a very hands on person with a spirited curiosity. Due to his upbringing, he would like to make friends but is pretty bad at it; he is quick to act due to his permissive attitude, e.g. can be a little aggressive due to his low tolerance of nuisances and likes to fight (gets physical).
Once he sets his mind to whatever task, he will make it his goal. "A man of his word."

Likes: sunbathing, mushrooms, lounging, puns, being "hands on"

Dislikes: Screeching sound, dancing, apathetic, teasers


Hal was born into a nomadic clan full of dragons that uphold a "one with nature" lifestyle in the Okapi Forest Territory. It is a rural and isolated place that not many travelers come across, so knowledge of the outside world was scarce.
It is a common believe that flying is a basic ability that all dragons can naturally do. Unfortunately Hal was an exception. He was born with defective wings and to meet his needs, his parents had to settle closer to land.
Growing up, other hatchlings would make fun of him and fights would break out. He got lectures to be more pacifist, but he couldn't help and feel angry with "flying envy".
Soon, he distance himself from his peers and learn he had to be creative and be adaptive as a full-time land-dweller. After independent for so long, he gain a permissive attitude.

Then one day Hal came across a foreigner and while conversing with them, he learned of a school called Luna Arcana. That drove him to be curious to learn more about magic and the strange world.


*cant whistle
*skips leg days
*hates broken nails

Dragon Form:

Hal Dragon


Hal's true form as a dragon.
Psychically he top Heavy while the back end is more light and weaker. There are three porous holes on both the side of his neck that contains "orbs"
Human form:

[IMG still WIP]
17 deviations
A gift of howl
A super belated gift to my close friend :iconnaraeeee:
like back in 2015 lmao omg so sorry ;a;

Well i hope its worth the wait, cuz i finally got a new computer that can handle photoshop haha...
love you booboo<3

(imma try to "paint" more)


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